Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Mapping and Monitoring

The SAV Mapping project is a collaboration between members of the Eelgrass Mapping Taskforce to map and monitor the extent of SAV in Rhode Island coastal waters.  In 2013, active members of the taskforce included:  Save the Bay, CRMC, NBNERR, and USFWS.  Mapping and monitoring is done using a tiered system developed by USGS.

  • Tier 1 consists of polygons digitized using a digital aerial photograph as a base map.
  • Tier 2 consists of percent cover assessments at evenly-spaced plot locations (grid).
  • The most detailed method is Tier 3 whereby biomass, plant height, and other ecological metrics are measured.

GIS datasets of Tier 1 mapping can be accessed via RIGIS.  The 2012 report on Tier 1 can be found here.  We also have a web map showing the 2012 mapping here:

This project is currently seeking funding partners in order to continue.