Rhode Island Digital Atlas

The Rhode Island Digital Atlas is a long-term labor of love for us here at the URI Environmental Data Center.  We’ve been working to make the Atlas very easy to use, helping you to quickly find meaningful and useful maps of our home, Rhode Island.

The vast majority of our maps highlight datasets that are distributed by the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS).  RIGIS serves as the go-to clearinghouse for Geographic Information System (GIS) data for our state.  Data are contributed to RIGIS by a wide variety of organizations, primarily the federal government (e.g. U.S. Census Bureau), state government (e.g. Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management), non-profits (e.g. Rhode Island Natural History Survey), and universities (e.g. University of Rhode Island).

We’ve had the privilege to work with a number of partners over the years who have supported the Atlas in one form or another, including:

In particular, we thank the Rhode Island Enhanced 911 Uniform Emergency Telephone System.  Without the incredibly detailed address data they contribute to RIGIS, the precise address search function used by the Atlas would not be possible.

The Atlas development team here at the URI Environmental Data Center consists of Greg Bonynge, Pete August, and Aimee Mandeville.  URI alumni Eric O’Brien, Heather Grybas and Joshua Sargent also made tremendous contributions during their tenure in the Center.