Beyond the Environmental Data Center, use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is increasing across the URI campus. Research and outreach centers are big users; examples include URI’s Watershed Watch Program,  the Rhode Island NEMO Program, TickEncounter Resource Center, geology research labs, environmental economics research labs, avian ecology and herpetology research units, and the Laboratory of Pedology and Soil Environmental Science.  The URI Facilities Services Department exploring how GIS may be used to more efficiently to monitor and manage campus buildings and infrastructure, and have begun building a comprehensive database of URI’s physical plant.

Formal courses are available for matriculated University of Rhode Island students who are interested in learning more about GIS and how the technology may be applied to their interests.  Currently (as of May 2022) these URI courses all emphasize the use of GIS:

  • NRS 409/509 (Concepts in GIS)
  • NRS 410 (Fundamentals of GIS)
  • NRS 522 (Advanced GIS Analysis of Environmental Data)
  • NRS 524 (Application of Advanced Spatial Analysis)
  • NRS 533 (Landscape Pattern and Change)
  • GEO 535 (Geospatial Watershed Modeling)
  • LAR 302 (Applied GIS for Landscape Architecture)
  • MAF 465 (GIS Applications in Coastal and Marine Management)

New for 2020! Graduate Certificate in GIS and Geospatial Technologies (FULLY ONLINE)

  • EVS 509 (Web-based Mapping, ONLINE)
  • NRS 570 (Geospatial Data Acquisition and Management, ONLINE)
  • NRS 571 (Techniques in Geospatial Analysis, ONLINE)
  • NRS 572 (Advanced Topics in Geospatial Data Visualization, ONLINE)
  • NRS 573 (Emerging Technologies in Geospatial Data Collection, ONLINE)

Esri ArcGIS software licensing at the University is managed by URI ITS Instructional Technology and Media Services – with one exception.  If you are affiliated with the URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences, please contact the College’s Information Technologist.

The URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences maintains a computer lab with Esri ArcGIS software that is occasionally available for use by matriculated students, located in Woodward Hall 006.  Please consult the posted schedule at the lab for availability