Recent ArcMap documents stopped being listed…

Recent ArcMap documents stopped being listed…

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I recently had a situation where my most recent ArcMap documents stopped being updated with new entries.  When I started ArcMap version 10.2.2, just older MXD files were listed.  Simply repairing the installation of ArcGIS didn’t solve my problem; this is why I had to edit the registry as described below.

The following steps require that you edit your registry settings.  You are strongly encouraged to backup your registry before modifying it.  More information regarding the Windows registry can be found here:

Or, for more details, this page:

I am using Windows 8.1.  To start the registry, open a command prompt window by typing the “cmd” string on the start screen and selecting the option for “Command Prompt”  (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Screen capture of the command window with the regedit command typed in.

Once in the command window, start regedit using the “regedit” command.  Browse to and delete the “Recent File List” folder found at this path.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESRI\Desktop10.2\ArcMap\Recent File List

When you start ArcMap again none of your recent files (old or new) will be listed.  However, your new files should start to be listed again.

Note that the above steps are a modification of the 10.1 instructions described below:


Roland Duhaime

Research Associate

University of Rhode Island

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