NOAA’s Hurricane Sandy Response Imagery Viewer

NOAA’s Hurricane Sandy Response Imagery Viewer

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Accessing high quality imagery data can sometimes be difficult for prospective data users. If you were working in a coastal area after the landfall of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, then the NOAA Hurricane SANDY Response Imagery Viewer may have been your first stop for high quality imagery data. This site was established to provide imagery data resources to coastal managers, GIS users and emergency responders who needed these data for viewing the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The Hurricane SANDY Response Imagery Viewer is a great way to download high quality imagery for no cost.

This tutorial focuses on downloading imagery data for a specified area of interest – Fire Island National Seashore, a barrier island extending along the southern coast of Long Island, New York.

First, go to the Hurricane SANDY Response Imagery Viewer link (above). Next, type in Fire Island National Seashore into the search bar at the top of the data viewer; this will zoom you to the desired area of interest.

Once there, hover your mouse cursor over Fire Island to determine which file the image refers to.

As you can see above, this will display the month, day, year and flight number on which this imagery was collected. This corresponds to the file names located along the left hand side of the webpage.

Navigate to, and select the + next to “November 4, 2012 flt1. Next click the “Download zip” link to download all imagery from this date and flight.

You are now ready to view and process your data!


This blog posting was developed with the support of a competitive grant (cooperative agreement number P09AC00212; task agreement number P13AC00875) from the National Park Service in partnership with the North Atlantic Coast Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit.

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