No Server – No Problem

No Server – No Problem

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Have you been working with shapefiles, .csv files or map notes in and wish that the resulting layer could be made available outside of the web map?  With the recent updates (12/10/13) to, these data no longer need to be confined to your web map.  They can now be saved to your content area and can be shared as a feature collection of others to use.   We’ve discussed importing shapefiles, map notes and .csv files in previous blog posts:  Editing Shapefiles in and Crowdsourced Data in ArcGIS Online.

How-to:  After your data are imported into the web map and they exist as a layer listed in the contents panel,

  • Hover the mouse over the layer you want to publish
  • Click the ellipses to the right of the layer to expose the layer context window.
  • Within the context window, select Save Layer.        

  • You will be prompted to provide a Title, some useful tags, a summary and in which folder to save your layer.
  • Click Create Item to finalize.

Now these data, which were previously only available within the web map in which they were generated, are accessible as a feature collection.

Sharing:  This feature collection can be kept private, which is the default, or it can be shared.  If the layer is shared it will be discoverable by others and can be used by others in their maps as a layer.  The layer can be accessed through the Add > Search for Layers option in map viewer or it can be added from within ArcMap; Add Data from ArcGIS Online.


  • The layer is considered a feature collection and will behave like one.
  • Pop-up windows can be enabled and configured
  • Symbology can be changed.
  • The layer is not editable – Only the owner of the feature collection has the ability to edit the data.
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