Image Hosting Options for Map Tour Application

Image Hosting Options for Map Tour Application

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The Story Map Tour Application requires your photos to be accessible via the internet.  These are some hosting options: FlickrYouTube,or your own server where the URL location is indicated in .csv OR hosted by ArcGIS Online (subscription only)  Each option presents varying levels of complexity.  Note:  There is an import limitation of 99 points for each Map Tour application.

Flickr:  Any photos with X, Y coordinate info will automatically be placed on the map.

a.  Use your own images:  Upload photos to your account and place in an Album.

b.  Use publicly available images:  You may use any publicly available album (Photo Set)


  • Search on User Name:  Your user name or any public user name
    • Look up the user name
    • Select  a Photo Set (Album) from those available in the dropdown
    • Or search using Select a Tag
  • Import
    • Images containing x,y coordinates will be located on the map, other images will be available to locate interactively

YouTube:  Videos are hosted here.  X,Y locations are not saved with the video. 


  • Search for a YouTube user name :
    • The user name can be found underneath the videos when you are in YouTube.  AssategueIsland is the user name here.
  • Import
    • Only public videos will be available
    • Select each photo individually and then choose the location on the map where it was taken.  Do this for each photo you want to add to the tour.​

Advanced options:  We can also connect to a properly formatted .csv file.  The file should contain the following headings and information.    Your images need to be available via a URL.


Name: name, title, name-short, name-long

Description: description, caption, snippet, comment

Icon_color: icon_color, color, style

Long: Longitude location decimal degrees

Lat: Latitude location decimal degrees

Pic_URL: web address to the picture (jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .bmp.)  http://www.**.**/Mande_expert_MapASyst.jpg **

Thumbnail: web address thumb_url, thumb, thumbnail **

** These are the only two fields that need to contain information.  The other fields may be populated during the MapTour configuration.

To obtain the URL for each image hosted on Google+/Picassa, Facebook – just right click on the image and copy image url to obtain the correct path for each individual image.  Copy and paste this into your .csv items: Pic_url, Thumb_url

Use ArcGIS Online to host your images –

  • A point feature service is created for each photo.  The photos are added individually by pointing to the file on your hard drive.
  • Best for a small number of images – If X, Y coordinates are present they will be used, otherwise photo may be placed interactively on the map.

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