If I Only had a Map

If I Only had a Map

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If I only had a map

Have you been looking to add a mapping component to your project, web page, blog article but are just overwhelmed with the task?  Do you simply need a way to view a map of your area of interest?  There is an abundance of data and maps available at ArcGIS.com using the free interactive map viewer.  All that is required is Internet access, a login and password.

Let’s get that account (Public)

Visit arcgis.com.  Click the SIGN IN button; even though you don’t have an account.  Choose to CREATE A PUBLIC ACCOUNT and provide the essentials: username, password, name, email.  You will receive a confirmation email to complete your account setup.

Get mapping

Once logged in, click on the MAP hyperlink at the top of the page.  Wow a map!  Now what?  Let’s use it!

Using the tools provided on the viewer interface we are able to zoom in and zoom out on the map.

We can also pan the map by holding down the cursor and dragging the map.

Does your area of interest have an address or place name?  Use the search bar to find the address or place.  The map viewer will zoom into the area.

Different picture of the same place

ArcGIS.com viewer provides some excellent basemaps to choose from.  Click on the Basemap tab and make a selection from those listed.

What’s next?

Finding available data for your state.  Rhode Island has a ton!

Learn more about Geospatial technologies, see our Geospatial Training schedule.

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