HIFLD ArcGIS Online Open Data Site

HIFLD ArcGIS Online Open Data Site

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Historically, access to the Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) has been restricted to applicants meeting a variety of criteria, such as working for a federal government agency, or state emergency management agency. With the release of their new ArcGIS Online Open Data website, the HIFLD has made data previously contained within the Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) databases available, and open, to the public.

Currently available are over 270 public datasets that are downloadable in a variety of useful formats, such as CSV, KML, and Shapefiles. These are also all available as APIs, such as GeoJSON and GeoServices for easy compatibility with web applications.

All data are separated into a variety of useful categories such as agriculture, emergency services, natural hazards, and ground transportation, to name a few. Once a dataset is selected, users can read a detailed description of the data, preview the data in the map window, preview the attribute table, and select to download data by map area, or filtered attributes (i.e. you can filter for features only occurring within New York). Once the data has been filtered, or once a focus area has been selected by the user, the data can either be downloaded or opened in ArcGIS Online.

Once the data has been downloaded, users will find a complete XML metadata file within the downloaded ZIP file. This will provide more detailed information than the brief description available in the Open Data portal.

For more information about the HIFLD, please visit their website.

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