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Using Web Maps and Geographic Data

Date of Training: January 10, 2019

Training Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Training Cost: $150

Summary: This is a half-day training program to introduce ESRI's FREE cloud mapping application available at .  No software is required to gain access to volumes of geographic data being served from RIGIS and all over the world which are easily accessible in this interface.

  • Explore ready to use map services from RIGIS and others (hundreds of maps!)
  • Query existing map services
  • Create your own web maps using readily available data from RIGIS and other sources
  • Import or create your own data and put it on a map (import: .csv, .txt, addresses, .gpx, heads-up digitizing)
  • Share your web maps via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or embed the code into your own website

Requirements: This course is intended for those interested in working with geographic data, either locally or globally but requires only a modest level of technical skill. No prior GIS knowledge is necessary! 

Participants will:

  • Become comfortable with the interface
  • Learn to access the RIGIS map services
  • Use tools to create layers on your web map
  • Import .csv files with location data (x,y, address) on to map
  • Import Shapefiles into an web map
  • Learn how to share the web map via email, Facebook, Twitter or by embedding it into own website.
  • Create a Map Tour application from the webmap. Similar to this one.