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You've found the RIGIS Logo Depot, intended to be one-stop shopping for your RIGIS logo needs. Below you will find graphics appropriate for web and print use, graphical usage guidelines, and the original vector artwork in case none of the images suit your needs.

Reminder: your usage of RIGIS data is must abide by the terms of the RIGIS license agreement , which includes acknowledging RIGIS as a data source. This is commonly accomplished by including the RIGIS logo in your publication, or using text to simply list RIGIS as a source.

GIF Format (200 pixels wide x 72 pixels high; transparent background)

GIF Format (1000 x 360; transparent background)

PNG (1000 x 360; contains vector data usable by Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks)

AI 7 Format (1000 x 360; contains vector data usable by Adobe Illustrator 7+)

ESRI Shapefile & accompanying ArcGIS 9.3 layer file (zip)