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Utilities and Communication

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Broadband AvailabilityThis collection of datasets represent the availability of broadband Internet access in Rhode Island via wireline and wireless technologies. 10/2012
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Electrical Transmission LinesMajor above-ground high voltage electrical transmission lines as shown on USGS Quad maps updated for visible right of way features on 1997 orthophotos. 06/2001 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Fire Hydrants - E-911Known fire hydrant locations documented by Rhode Island E-911 as of January 2016. 01/2016 (1 MB) SHP
Narragansett Bay Commission Sewer OverflowsNarragansett Bay Commission combined sewer overflow points locations. 11/1996 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Natural Gas Transmission LinesMajor gas and petroleum transmission pipelines. 06/2001 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Sewer LinesMain sewer lines, force mains, and interceptors for public and private sewer systems. 05/2012 (2.3 MB) SHP
Sewered AreasApproximate areas served by public and private sewer systems as defined by polygons around main sewer lines, force mains, and interceptors. 08/2012 (0.1MB) SHP
Water Supply DistrictsBoundaries for public water districts. 10/1995 (0.5 MB) E00; (0.4 MB) SHP
Wind Speed EstimatesWind Speed Estimates interpolated for 80m elevation by Applied Technology & Management from original data estimates at 50m & 100m produced by TrueWind Solutions using their Mesomap system and historical weather data. 04/2007 (6.4 MB) SHP

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