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Facilities and Structures

 namedescriptiontypepublication datemetadatadownload
Active Solid Waste FacilitiesRepresentative locations and relative capacities of active solid waste landfills, transfer stations, recycling centers, and composting facilities. 07/2015 (0.1 MB) SHP
AirportsAirports for fixed-wing aircraft in RI delineated from 1997 aerial photography. 11/2013 (0.1 MB) SHP
BreakwatersManmade protective breakwaters and barriers for coastal areas as shown on USGS quad maps. 05/1990 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Coastal BarriersCoastal barriers within the State of Rhode Island that are regulated for development by the RI Coastal Resources Management Program. 02/2015 (0.3 MB) SHP
Colleges and UniversitiesThe Colleges and Universities dataset is composed of Post Secondary Education including colleges, universities, technical schools, satellite (branch) campuses that grant Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and/or Doctoral degrees. 10/2007 (0.1 MB) SHP
Correctional InstitutionsLocations of, and general contact information for, jails and prisons in Rhode Island. This includes Federal and State prisons, local jails, and juvenile detention facilities, as well as law enforcement temporary holding facilities. 03/2010 (0.1 MB) SHP
DamsLocation and selected characteristics of dams and related structures on rivers or streams within the state, circa calendar year 2012. 09/2014 (0.1 MB) SHP
Emergency Medical Service StationsGeneral information, including locations and contact information, for emergency medical service stations and companies in Rhode Island for general emergency service, fire response, public safety and facilities inventory, general mapping, and GIS applications. 03/2010 (0.1 MB) SHP
Fire StationsLocations and contact information for fire stations that serve Rhode Island communities. 11/2014 (0.1 MB) SHP
Hardened Shorelines in Narragansett BayHardened shorelines (piers, jetties, etc) in Narragansett Bay. 04/2003 (0.3 MB) E00; (0.2 MB) SHP
HospitalsLocations and general contact information for hospitals in Rhode Island. 03/2013 (0.1 MB) SHP
Law EnforcementLocations and websites for police stations, state police barracks, and sheriffs offices throughout Rhode Island. 12/2014 (0.1 MB) SHP
LibrariesLocations and general information for academic, private and public libraries in Rhode Island that are certified by the RI Office of Library and Information Services. 09/2014 (0.1 MB) SHP
MarinasYacht clubs, marinas and recreational boating facilities in salt water bay and coastal waters. 01/1996 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Navigational BeaconsApproximate locations and status of navigational beacons in Narragansett Bay and nearby offshore areas, as of March 2014. 04/2015 (0.1 MB) SHP
Navigational BuoysApproximate locations and status of navigational buoys in Narragansett Bay and nearby offshore areas, as of March 2014. 04/2015 (0.1 MB) SHP
Navigational LightsApproximate locations and status of navigational lights in Narragansett Bay and nearby offshore areas, as of March 2014. 04/2014 (0.1 MB) SHP
Ports and Commercial HarborsA detailed inventory of uses and infrastructure of Rhode Island's ports and commercial harbors circa 2008. Intended to inform waterborne-freight, marine transportation and land use planning decision-making processes. 09/2010 (0.8 MB) SHP
SchoolsLocation and contact information for public and private schools from the preschool through the university level in Rhode Island. 04/2008 (0.1 MB) SHP
Sites - E-911Point features and addresses for buildings and other significant infrastructure features. Rhode Island E-911 road/street name and address ranges as of January 2016. Used in conjunction with the E-911 roads dataset, these data are the best available from RIGIS for address location functions. 01/2016 (29 MB) SHP
State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Inventory of Facilities (SCORP)Point locations depicting ballfields, play grounds, basketball & tennis courts, beaches, swimming pools, etc with attribution for facility name, location, ownership, and availability and number of recreational resources on site. 12/2014 (0.9 MB) SHP
State FacilitiesMajor State of Rhode Island government buildings and municipal police stations. 06/2001 (0.1 MB) E00; (0.1 MB) SHP
Town and City HallsLocations and basic contact information for city and town halls in Rhode Island. Includes a classification of municipal governance types, and years of establishment and incorporation. 03/2013 (0.1 MB) SHP

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