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Note: All data are provided at a statewide scope, unless otherwise noted.
Note: All RIGIS data are projected to the Rhode Island State Plane Feet NAD83 coordinate system.
Note: Are you looking for maps? Try the Rhode Island Digital Atlas, featuring data available from RIGIS.


We're moving! Please visit our new website at www.rigis.org. More details.


Administrative and Political Boundaries
legal land descriptions
Examples: Municipal & State Boundaries
Biology and Ecology
flora and/or fauna in natural environment
Examples: Bird Species, Forest Habitat, Wetlands
Business and Economic
economic activities, conditions, and employment
Examples: Economic Development Enterprise Zones, Industrial Areas
Cultural, Society, and Demography
characteristics of society and culture
Examples: Compiled U.S. Census Demographic Data, Historic Sites, Historical Cemeteries
Elevation and Derived Products
height above or below sea level
Examples: Bathymetry, LiDAR data and derived products, Elevation Benchmarks, Statewide Digital Terrain Model
Environment and Conservation
environmental resources, protection and conservation
Examples: Conservation Lands, Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report Data
Facilities and Structures
man-made construction
Examples: Addresses Buildings (aka E-911 Sites), Dams, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools
Geological and Geophysical
information pertaining to earth sciences
Examples: Soils, Bedrock Geology, Glacial Deposits
Imagery and Base Maps
aerial photography and base maps
Examples: Historic Aerial Photographs, Orthophotographs, Topographic Maps, NOAA Raster Navigational Charts
Inland Water Resources
inland water features, drainage systems and characteristics
Examples: Lakes and Ponds, Rivers and Streams, Watershed Boundaries, Wellhead Protection Areas
Locations and Geodetic Networks
positional information and services
Examples: Geodetic Survey Points, Geographic Place Names
Oceans and Estuaries
features and characteristics of salt water bodies
Examples: Estuarine Habitats, Coastal Water Use Types, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (e.g. eelgrass)
Planning and Cadastral
information used for appropriate actions for future use of the land
Examples: Land Use (1988, 1995, and 2003-04), Public Shoreline Access Points
means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods
Examples: Airports, Bike Paths, Roads, Traffic Counts
Utilities and Communication
energy, water and waste systems and communications infrastructure and services
Examples: E-911 Fire Hydrants, Sewer Overflows, Water Supply Districts, Wind Speed Estimates