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The Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) Executive Committee provides policy guidance, oversight, and coordination of the collective efforts of organizations in Rhode Island using GIS technology. It seeks to coordinate data development, adopt technical standards, set distribution policy for GIS products, promote the use of GIS, and provide information and assistance to users. The Committee does not have authority over RIGIS participants but reaches decisions by consensus. Quarterly meetings are held.

The RIGIS Coordinator at the Rhode Island Department of Administration/Statewide Planning Program provides staff support and acts as liaison for RIGIS within the state, the northeast region, and nationally. Member and partner organizations also contribute, particularly by working conjunction with individual RIGIS Executive Committee Working Groups. The Committee is not funded as a separate unit of state government. 

Items acted upon include:
- review and update of the data distribution system
- formulation of a strategic plan for RIGIS
- monitoring state, regional and national GIS activities
- participation in a regional data clearinghouse
- advise development of a state metadata clearinghouse
- acquisition of new data sets for Rhode Island

The most up-to-date list of RIGIS Executive Committee members currently available can be found in the RIGIS Documents area.

Past and upcoming RIGIS Executive Committee meeting agendas are available from the Rhode Island Secretary of State website.