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The Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) is a consortium of government and private organizations employing computer and communications technology to manage and use a collective database of comprehensive geographically related information. The mission of the RIGIS is to monitor, coordinate, and provide leadership for activities related to the use of GIS technology within Rhode Island, to support initiatives to implement or use the technology, and to manage and provide access to a common database of geographically referenced information. learn more


The RIGIS data distribution system is hosted by the University of Rhode Island Environmental Data Center, and is maintained by the URI Geospatial Extension Program.



Much inspiration for the design of our data download pages came from the Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse. The icons indicating the type of GIS data available for download from this website are used with the Clearinghouse's permission.

Metadata stylesheets used to format the xml-based metadata files are adopted from Howie Sternberg's work that he shared through the ESRI Support Center (ArcScripts). Mr. Sternberg works for the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.



For comments and questions about RIGIS
policy and coordination issues:

Vincent Flood - Supervising Planner
Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program

For comments and questions about the RIGIS database and the content of this website, please contact:

Erica Tefft - RIGIS Data Manager
University of Rhode Island