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Interactive Mapping

example image of Restoration Atlas

The Restoration Atlas is an interactive mapping application for coastal Rhode Island that allows you to zoom to different scales, identify a point of interest, and overlay restoration data with other data sets.

For planning restoration activities, you can use the Restoration Atlas to find out:

  • Are there nearby wetlands that could benefit from the restoration?
  • Does the restoration site occur in a region having historical value?
  • Are there protected (rare) species habitats near the restoration site?
  • What potential use conflicts exist in the region (e.g., high-intensity boating in a seagrass restoration area)?

These and many other questions can be explored with the Restoration Atlas. As you use the application, your resulting maps can be printed and incorporated into reports or presentations.

With this interactive application, you can also access the Project Inventory for more information on the restoration sites, such as:

  • Contacts for particular projects
  • Descriptions of restoration activities
  • Historic conditions
  • Site photos and downloadable aerial photography

Note: this application is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher.

Other interactive mapping applications for Rhode Island include:

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