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Seagrass - Salt Marsh - Anadromous Fish Run

Salt Marsh Site Selection Tool

Salt Marsh Tool Graphic

This tool is an ArcView 3.x extension that assists restoration planners in identifying and prioritizing Narragansett Bay salt marsh restoration opportunities based on environmental factors, wetland condition, and socioeconomic information. The tool requires the Spatial Analyst extension to run, however all data needed for calculations are provided with the tool. Wetland data were developed for Narragansett Bay through the cooperative efforts fo the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Massachusetts Natural Resources Assessment Group, URI Environmental Data Center, and Save The Bay.

  • Restoration planners can identify and prioritize restoration opportunities based on specific criteria.
  • Restoration practitioners involved in outreach and education can locate potential projects in proximity to schools or public lands.
  • Researchers can identify salt marshes having specific impairments for study.

For more details, view the Tool Demo (Slide Show). The wetland data used in the tool are also available in ArcView shapefile format on this Web site from the Downloadable Data page.

To request a copy of the Salt Marsh Site Selection Tool on CD-ROM, please complete an online request form or contact Megan Higgins at the Coastal Resources Management Council. Please specify "Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Site Selection Tools: Seagrass and Salt Marsh Habitats CD-ROM" in your request.

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