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Habitat Siting Models

Seagrass - Salt Marsh - Anadromous Fish Run

Anadromous Fish Run Site Selection Tool

Socioeconomic Consideration Graphic Interface

This tool is a GIS-based application that assists restoration planners in identifying and prioritizing anadromous fish run restoration sites based on user-defined criteria. This tool is designed to help users assess restoration opportunities based on environmental and socioeconomic considerations, such as water quality or public accessibiliity.

The tool enables users to:

  • Identify potential restoration sites in a geographic area of interest.
  • Rank and prioritize sites based on socioeconomic and environmental factors.
  • View results based on priority score, restoration options, and obstruction (dam) size.

For more details, view the Tool Demo (Slide Show) or read the Technical Overview that describes how the data are analyzed.

To request a licensed copy of this limited availability tool on CD-ROM, please contact Tom Ardito at the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program or Megan Higgins at the Coastal Resources Management Council.

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