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About the Data

Most of the data used to create the printable maps available from this site and in the interactive mapping application were developed by the University of Rhode Island's Environmental Data Center for the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS). Some data were also developed by R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM).

All data used on this site are described below with links to metadata records. To download spatial data developed for this site in support of restoration planning, please see Downloadable Data. To download RIGIS data, please visit the RIGIS Web site.

Base Layers | Hydrography | Natural Resources | Socioeconomic Data

The base layers of the maps available on this site include:

    State of Rhode Island - Polygon delineating the state boundary - Metadata

    Towns - State and municipal boundaries represented by polygons - Metadata

    Lakes and Ponds - All freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs including delineation of major rivers wide enough to be represented as polygon areas on U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 minute quad maps - Metadata

    Rivers and Streams (hydrolines) - All freshwater rivers and streams, including some seasonal streams - Metadata

    Roads (primary) - Primary roads, as classified by Rhode Island Department of Transportation, with U.S. Census road names - Metadata

    Restoration Sites - Completed, ongoing, and potential restoration sites identified by the R.I. Habitat Restoration Team - Metadata

    NOAA Nautical Charts - Three nautical charts (Narragansett Bay, Point Judith Pond, South Shore) covering R.I. state waters

Hydrography data include:

    Dams - Dam locations and attributes throughout the state, as documented by DEM - Metadata

    Watershed Basins - Surface water drainage basins and sub-basins - Metadata

    Groundwater Classes - Groundwater quality classifications, as defined by Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM), for major aquifers, public well head areas, and other subsurface resources - Metadata

    Bathymetry Contours - Depth contours for Rhode Island's state waters based on NOAA hydrographic surveys - Metadata

    Anadromous Fish Pond Areas - Ponds and large river areas that could support anadromous fish following restoration - Metadata

    Anadromous Fish Stream Reaches - Streams and small river segments that could support anadromous fish following restoration - Metadata

Environmental data include:

    CERCLIS Sites - 1989 federal EPA listed Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Info System sites - Metadata

Natural Resources data include:

    Rare Species Habitats - Estimated habitat and range of rare species and noteworthy natural communities - Metadata

    Protected Public Lands - Areas acquired by state and local government and assigned protected status from 1987 to 1995 - Metadata

    Open Space - Federal, state, local, and private lands designated for protection, conservation, or recreation - Metadata

    Wetlands - Wetlands as interpreted from 1988 aerial photography to one-quarter acre polygon resolution by Cowardin 16 classification scheme - Metadata

    Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP) Impacted Wetlands - Potentially impacted wetland areas, delineated at the boundaries of different habitat areas and represented as lines - Metadata in development

    Historic Eelgrass Beds - 1848 to 1994 R.I. Aqua Fund historical point data collected from herbarium specimens, personal accounts, literature review, and NOAA charts - Metadata

    1988 Eelgrass Distribution - Narragansett Bay Project eelgrass polygons delineated from 1988 aerial photography - Metadata

Socioeconomic data include:

    1995 Land Use - 1995 land use/land cover, coded to Anderson modified level 3, with one-half acre minimum polygon resolution - Metadata

    1990 Population - U.S. Census 1990 population, housing, economic, education, ethnic origin, and employment information by town, tract, and block group level as derived from U.S. Census - Metadata

    Historic Districts - Historic districts listed in the National Historic Register - Metadata

    Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) Water Types (Narragansett Bay) - Narragansett Bay water areas classified by use categories as defined by the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council - Metadata

    CRMC Water Types (Coastal) - Coastal water areas (South Shore) classified by use categories as defined by the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council - Metadata

    Shellfish Closure Areas - DEM shellfish closure areas in Narragansett Bay and the south shore - Metadata

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