Historical Eelgrass Data Processing

Narragansett Bay
Historic eelgrass locations have been captured by a project funded by the Rhode Island Aqua Fund (RIAF), a program funded in 1988 from a bond issue that protects the resources of and reduces pollution in Narragansett Bay.

Coastal Ponds
Since these data will be used in the Seagrass Site Selection Tool to identify historical eelgrass presence and absence, habitats were digitized from published hard copy maps (Thorne-Miller et al. 1983) by visually estimating boundary locations. Precise replication was not possible, but this method yielded reasonable data for identifying suitable and highly suitable areas for eelgrass restoration. Details of the process employed are found in the metadata provided with the ArcView extension.


Thorne-Miller, B., M.M. Harlin, G.B. Thursby, M.M. Brady-Campbell, and B.A. Dworetzky. 1983. Variations in the distribution and biomass of submerged macrophytes in five coastal lagoons in Rhode Island, U.S.A. Botanica Marina 26:231-242.