Areas Closed to Shell Fishing (The user selects whether to include this parameter.)
Having a non-zero value for the attribute "shell" means this site is a higher priority – depending on the cause and length of the closure. Areas not represented at all should also receive a priority value of 1 because they are not closed, and thereby assumed to be suitable for shell fishing if shellfish exist at that location. Zeros in the data represent land areas and are treated as those not represented, and receive a priority value of 1.

Category Priority
1 Permanent Closure High (2.0)
4 Seasonal Closure Moderate - High (1.75)
5 Seasonal Conditional Area (Kickamuit River Moderate (1.50)
2 Conditional Closure - A Moderate - Low (1.25)
3 Conditional Closure - B Moderate - Low (1.25)
7 Conditional Closure (Greenwich Bay) Moderate - Low (1.25)
8 Conditional Closure (Mt. Hope Bay and Kickamuit River) Moderate - Low (1.25)