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The following list provides information and links to Web sites similar to the Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Portal. These sites contain components such as a project inventory, restoration analytical tools, geographic mapping applications, and monitoring information.

Long Island Sound Habitat Preservation and Restoration Project
This site provides links to the water quality program-monitoring page. Although it is not used specifically for restoration monitoring, helpful information is given on some monitoring applications and techniques. In addition, the site links to the Long Island Sound Restoration Initiative, links to other restoration program Web sites, and proposed habitat sites for restoration.

Massachusetts Bays Program
This site provides information about local and regional coastal habitat restoration projects, as well as descriptions of coastal habitats, links, maps, and upcoming events.

Massachusetts Wetlands Restoration Program
The mission of the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management is to balance the impact of human activities with the protection of coastal and marine resources through planning, public involvement, education, research, and sound resource management.

Woonasquatucket Wetland Restoration Project
RIDEM, EPA, and URI in partnership with the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council and officials from the six watershed cities and towns undertook a multi-year project to identify and prioritize potential wetland and buffer restoration sites in the Woonasquatucket Watershed.

Chesapeake Bay Program
The Chesapeake Bay Program Web site contains information on submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), outlines the restoration of SAV sites. It contains a conceptual model of SAV habitat interactions and a habitats requirements list. Also included is a section on fish passages, which includes restoration goals and the design of fishway structures. The wetlands portion of the site includes protection and restoration goals, and restoration and preservation summaries. Included in the monitoring sections are lists of environmental factors for monitoring and an outline of a citizen-monitoring program.

Southeast and Gulf Coasts
Florida Wetland Information Center
This site provides online tools and information for restoration planning, implementation, and management in Florida's wetland habitats and their associated uplands.

Louisiana's Office of Coastal Restoration and Management
This site includes over 150 restoration projects that detail monitoring plans, progress reports, and project information for each site. In addition, monitoring data, contact information, publications, and hydrographic data is available through the site.

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Mapping Applications
This site includes an interactive GIS mapping application, which includes resources such as aerial photos, townships, state and federal restoration projects, coastal monitoring stations, and many additional useful mapping applications.

University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
This site contains information on meeting and workshops, FAQ's, related research, habitat information, and expert advice on how to perform restoration projects.

West Coast
Adopt-A-Stream Foundation Habitat Restoration Crew
This Web site out of King County, Washington focuses on salmon habitat restoration. It contains such resources as: services, field notes, project journal, rules of thumb, a GIS database, and volunteer opportunities.

People for Puget Sound
Click on the habitat program section for the habitat restoration page. This page provides information on a salmon habitat restoration and monitoring program, an estuary restoration assessment, and the citizen's shoreline inventory for Washington State.

San Francisco's Save The Bay Community-Based Restoration Program
Save The Bay's (San Francisco Bay) community-based restoration program Web site contains a small project inventory of their local habitat restoration efforts. Some additional information is offered on wetlands and dams.

Small Habitat Restoration Program
This Web site out of King County, Washington features small habitat restoration programs. It contains current projects, how to suggest a project in that area, technical assistance, resources, and links.

National and International
Damage Assessment and Restoration Program
The Damage Assessment and Restoration Program national Web site links to many restoration projects all over the U.S., grouped by region. Each restoration project contains information similar to the project inventory on the Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Portal, such as site information, restoration activities, documents and publications, and contacts and additional links.

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (Canada)
The Fisheries and Oceans, Canada and the Royal Botanical gardens partnership Web site contains a project inventory of eight sites in Hamilton Harbor and Coots Paradise that are undergoing restoration. Included on the site are reports and photos for each site and a detailed outline of the project planning process and decision making methods used for the implementation of this project.

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