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Slatersville Reservoir Middle & Upper Dams Woonsocket Falls Dam Albion Dam Lonsdale Marsh, Cumberland Wilderness Area Valley Falls Pond Dam Central Falls Dam Main Street Dam, Slater Mill Lincoln Lace Goose Point Omega Pond Dam Narrow River Ashton Dam Manville Dam, Woonsocket Reservoir #1 Dam Slatersville Reservoir Lower Dam, Forestdale Pond Watchemoket Cove Squantum Club Hunts Mill, James Turner Reservoir Mobil Dam Palmer River Segregansett River Labor in Vain Lee River Cole River Salter Grove Pawtuxet River #2 Buckeye Brook Greenwich Bay Fishing Cove, Kiefer Office Park Cornelius Island, Wickford Harbor Eelgrass Long Point, Wickford Stormwater Abatement Academy Cove, Inner Wickford Harbor Mill Creek, Wickford MANAGE Belleville Pond Dam & Fish Ladder Secret Lake Shady Lea, Silver Spring Lake Dam Carr Pond Dam, Gilbert Stuart Historic Site Potowamut Pond Dam & Fish Ladder NB NERR Eelgrass (Prudence) NB NERR Eelgrass (Hope) NB NERR Eelgrass (Hope) Narragansett Bay TERFS NB NERR Eelgrass (Prudence, T-Wharf), NOAA Eelgrass (Dutch) Nag Creek Tibbets Creek Allen's Harbor, Calf Pasture Point Potowomut River Forge Dam & Fish Ladder Audubon Society Dam Greenwich Bleachery Pond Dam Gorton Pond Dam Baker's Creek Brushneck Cove Warwick Cove Longmeadow, Old Mill Creek Occupessatuxet Cove Pawtuxet Reservoir Lower Dam, Stillhouse Cove NOAA Eelgrass (Dyer) NOAA Eelgrass (Gould) Weaver Cove, Lawton Valley Reservoir Jack's Island (Grassland & Marsh) Sapowet Point Duck Cove, Wild Goose Point Featherbed Lane, Hamilton Reservoir Dam Bissel Cove, Rome Point Brenton Cove Gooseneck Cove Lobster Reefs, NOAA Eelgrass (Prudence) Dutch Harbor Marsh Sheffield Cove Racquet Road Sachuest Pt. NWR - Phase I & II Sakonnet Harbor Quicksand Pond Fogland Point Almy Creek Nonquit Pond, Watson Reservoir Dam Common Fence Point Boyds Marsh The Cove, Island Park Round Marsh URI Grazing Studies Wesquage Pond Indian Lake Dam Peace Dale Pond Dam & Fish Ladder Wakefield Pond Dam & Fish Ladder Pt. Judith Pond Shellfish Galilee Bird Sanctuary Potter Pond, Succotash Road Marsh Trustom and Cards Ponds Factory Pond Cross Mills Brook, King Tom Pond South Shore (Ninigret Pond) Ninigret NWF, Ninigret Pond Shellfish South Shore (Quonnie Pond), Quonnie Pond Shellfish Garden Pond South Shore (Winnapaug Pond) Maschaug Pond Aguntaug Brook Potter Hill Dam & Fish Ladder Ashaway Line & Mill Pond Dams Thames Valley Tube Company Bradford Pond Dam Poquiant Brook Alton Pond Dam Woodville Pond Dam Grantville Dam, Wood River Guaging Station Locustville Pond Dam, Wyoming Dam Meadowbrook Dam, Richmond Gauging Station Fishing Falls Horseshoe Falls Dam, Kenyon Mill Pond Dam Usquepaugh Barberville Mill Pond Dam Neck Farm Road Usher Cove Colt State Park, Mill Gut Silver Creek (Marsh & Buffer) Mill Pond Bay Road, Warren Reservoir Lower Dam Lincoln Avenue, Patterson Avenue Tiusset Wildlife Refuge Barneyville, Palmer River (Swansee) Palmer River (Warren), Palmer River (Barrington) Belcher Cove, Palmer River (Eelgrass) Bourne Lane, Smith Cove Jacob's Point (Bristol & Warren) Brickyard Pond, Prince Pond 100 Acre Cove, Barrington River Allin's Cove, Bullocks Cove Big & Little Mussachuck Echo Lake Dam, Barrington Beach Mary's Creek Mosquito Beach

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