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Suggest a New Restoration Project

If you would like to suggest a new restoration project for consideration by the Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Team, please fill in the following form. Include either a phone number or email address so that the team can contact you for further information about the proposed restoration.

All information will be reviewed by members of the Rhode Island Habitat Restoration Team prior to full posting on the R.I. Habitat Restoration Portal Web site. Members of the team will review proposed additions to the Project Inventory and respond to the project proponent within one month of receiving the potential project listing. The team will evaluate sites based upon the following criteria:

  1. Restoration projects should meet the R.I. Habitat Restoration Team's definition of restoration (i.e., the return of an ecosystem or habitat to a close approximation of its condition prior to disturbance). This can include actions to recreate physical, chemical, or biological characteristics that previously existed on a site.
  2. All fields in the "Suggest a New Project" form should be complete and accurate.

If you have problems using this form, please email the Website Administrator.

General Information: How can we find the site?
Site Name Location
Habitat Type City/Town
Size (acres) County
Access Point(s)

Project Description: What can you tell us about the site?
Site Description (Why should the site be considered for restoration?)
Historic Conditions (Do you know what the site used to look like?)
Impacts/Cause of Degradation (e.g., broken culvert restricts tide waters)
Target Species (Will a particular plant or animal benefit from restoration of this site?)

Restoration Type: What kinds of activities might improve the habitat?
Yes - No
Aesthetic View
Barrier Beach Restoration
Buffer Management
Contaminant Removal
Eelgrass Restoration
Erosion Control
Fish Passage Restoration
Fish/Shellfish Habitat
Hydrologic Restoration
Invasives Control
Mosquito Control
Yes - No
Phragmites Control
Reduce Nutrient Loading
Reduce Pathogens
Reef Restoration
Restoration of Tidal Elevations
Shellfish Beds
Storm water Management
Tide Gates to Restore Flow
Transplant Eelgrass
Water Quality
Wildlife Restoration

Other Comments

Information Source: How can we contact you?
*NOTE: You must include either a phone number or email address to submit this form.

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