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Project Inventory Description

The Project Inventory is a database designed to help users identify restoration opportunities and completed projects in Rhode Island watersheds. The projects represent several collaborative efforts to identify restoration activities in the state. The projects are classed as "potential" (unfunded), "ongoing" (funded but not yet completed), or "complete." These efforts include Save The Bay's volunteer salt marsh evaluations, the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program's Habitat Restoration Charrette (PDF file), and the efforts of the Coastal Resources Management Council to identify restoration opportunities with the Army Corps of Engineers and through the regulatory permit process.

The majority of the projects in the Project Inventory are salt marsh restoration, eelgrass restoration, or anadromous fish run (Alewife or Blueback Herring) restoration projects. The Project Inventory contains information about the restoration site including where the site is located, the organizations involved with the site, the type of impact to the resources and contact information for the project leader. Other types of information the user will see include the following:

  • A photo of the site
  • Target species
  • Historic conditions
  • Project size

The Project Inventory includes two tools to help identify restoration projects:

  • The Project Inventory Search Tool allows users to identify restoration projects based on a particular topic or combination of two topics. For example, a user can search the database for projects of a particular habitat type (such as coastal wetland), or a user could narrow the search to projects of a particular habitat type (such as coastal wetland) within a particular geographic area (such as town or county).
  • The Project Inventory Map allows users to directly access information from the database pertaining to specific projects by clicking on mapped project sites. Please be patient while map loads slowly into your browser.

Select Query the Database to use the search tool, or Choose a Mapped Site to obtain information on individual projects. You can also Suggest a New Project to the Habitat Restoration Team.

In addition to the projects accessed through the inventory, interested parties may click here the see a description (pdf document) of the projects that were funded through the Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration Program and Trust Fund. This fund was created through 2003 legislation that amended the 1996 Oil Spill Prevention Administration and Response Act (OSPAR) resulting from the 1996 North Cape Oil Spill.

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