Protected Public Lands Metadata

 RIGIS-CAT-ID    =s44opl95
 DATA-SET-IDENT  =rigis-state-publan95
 DISTRIB-NOTES   =(c)rigis 1989
 THEME-KEYWORDS  =openspace protected land
 DESCRIPTION1    =areas designated as protected open space land
 DESCRIPTION2    =which were acquired by state or local interests
 DESCRIPTION3    =under fee simple status or less from 1987-1995
 ACC-REV-DATE    =0196
 DATA-STRUCTURE  =vector topological with feature attributes
 COORD-PRECIS    =arc-info single precision
 INTENDED-USE    =state wide update of protected lands inventory
 TRANSFER-FORMAT =arc info export
 SPLOBJ-TYPE     =polygon
 RESOLUTION      =one quarter acre
 AREA-EXT-BND    =LL 236884.141 24864.811 UR 432051.188 339334.062
 AREA-EXCL-BND   =none
 PROJECTION      =transverse mercator
 HORIZ-DATUM     =nad83
 VERT-DATUM      =navd29
 REL-DB-ID       =lndpro95-pat
 REL-DB-ORG      =ri dept of administration division of planning
 FIELD-NAME1     =comname
 FIELD-CHAR1     =50 100 c
 FIELD-DESC1     =common names of sites
 FIELD-DOM1      =text
 FIELD-ASSC1     =none
 FIELD-NAME2     =acreage
 FIELD-CHAR2     =8 8 n 2
 FIELD-DESC2     =reported acreage from survey and deeds
 FIELD-DOM2      =.01 thru
 FIELD-ASSC2     =none
 FIELD-NAME3     =sitecontrl
 FIELD-CHAR3     =2 2 i
 FIELD-DESC3     =coding for management and control jurisdiction
 FIELD-DOM3      =10 thru 66
 FIELD-ASSC3     =oplcode-ref
 FIELD-NAME4     =sitetype
 FIELD-CHAR4     =2 2 i
 FIELD-DESC4     =coding for the site characteristics and type
 FIELD-DOM4      =10 thru 56
 FIELD-ASSC4     =oplcode-ref
 FIELD-NAME5     =towncode
 FIELD-CHAR5     =2 2 i
 FIELD-DESC5     =numeric identification of town or city
 FIELD-DOM5      =01 thru 39
 FIELD-ASSC5     =ri osp coding of city and towns
 FIELD-NAME6     =quad
 FIELD-CHAR6     =2 2 i
 FIELD-DESC6     =primary usgs quadrangle number
 FIELD-DOM6      =01 thru 37
 FIELD-ASSC6     =rigis coding of usgs quads in rhode island
 SOURCE-CRTR     =ri dept of admin and ri dem
 SOURCE-ORIG1    =various surveys and deed documents of areas
 SOURCE-ORIG2    = usgs 7-5 minute paper topo quads
 BIBLIOG-REF     =none
 SOURCE-SCAL     =varies depending upon survey of areas
 SOURCE-DATE     =1988 thru 1995
 DATA-DATE       =1993 thru 1995
 AUTO-EQPT       =sun workstation and pc 386-486 arc info
 AUTO-PROC1      =transferal of survey data to usgs paper quads
 AUTO-PROC2      =manual digitization from usgs quads
 AUTO-PROC3      =linework varification and data coding
 PROC-TOL        =1.219 fuzzy and .005 rms values
 PROC-DATE       =0196
 POS-ACCU        =plus or minus 100 feet
 POS-ACCUCK      =overlays of existing data with known accuracy
 ATTR-ACCU       =99 percent
 ATTR-ACCUCK     =reviewed by ridem the source of data
 DATA-INTEG      =topologically complete arc info coverage
 METADATA-LIST   =1098-js
 CONTACT-TITLE   =rigis coordinator-planning
 CONTACT-ORG     =ri dept of administration-division of planning
 CONTACT-ADDR    =one capitol hill
 CONTACT-CTYST   =providence ri
 CONTACT-PHONE   =401-222-6483
 CONTACT-EMAIL   =stach@rigis.doa.state.ri.u

SITE TYPE                                                SITE CONTROL

10   RECREATION                                          FIRST DIGIT - OWNERSHIP
    11     Major Park                                         1        Federal Ownership
    12     Neighborhood Park                                  2        State Ownership
    13     Playfield                                          3        Municipal Ownership
    14     Mini-Park/Playground                               4        Private Ownership
                                                              5        Multi Ownership
20     WATER ACCESS                                           6        Other
    21     Beach
    22     Fishing and Boating Access
    23     Fishing Access Only
    24     Marina
    25     Right-of-Way                                  SECOND DIGIT - INTEREST
                                                              0        No Ownership Interest (fee simple)                                                               
30     SPECIAL PURPOSE                                        1        Federal Less Than Fee Simple Interest
    31     Ski Area                                           2        State Less Than Fee Simple Interest
    32     Campground                                                          (PRDs Easements)
    33     Golf Course                                        3        Municipal Less Than Fee Simple Interest
                                                                               (PDRs Easements)
40     OPEN SPACE/CONSERVAITON                                4        Lease From State
    41     Water Supply                                       5        Municipal Interests
    42     Forest                                             6        Other
    43     Farmland
    44     Wildlife/Rare Plants  

50     OTHER                                            e.g. 42 will mean a site is privately owned, but the
    51     Roadside Rest                                     state could have purchased the development
    52     School                                            rights, therefore, the state has less than
    53     Historic Site                                     fee simple interests.
    54     Scenic Area
    55     Commercial
    56     Other