September 13, 2010

1. Three new monuments will be installed to complete the BB constellation at CACO; one in Provincetown, one in Wellfleet, and one at the Pochet house.


2. The monuments will be rods driven to 50ft or refusal, whichever comes first (classified as Stability B if refusal has not occurred).


3. The BB monuments should be within a ΒΌ mile hike from a public road or other public access point, high on the landscape, and out of harm's way from ATV and other off-road vehicles. 


4. Existing concrete pads or foundations will be also be used for installation of new monuments (drill and epoxy brass disk, stability B, Curt Crow pers. comm.) where required.


5. The rest of the BB network will be filled out with temporary, less stable, and pre-existing monuments consisting of concrete or granite pillars or concrete filled aluminum pipes.


6. We will let new monuments settle a week for rods and a few months for concrete pillars before occupying them


7. Mike will send Christine the database of monuments.