Activities Log


February to May 2010. Heather and Mike performed the preliminary work to determine sites to visit at Cape Cod National Seashore. Three-hundred forty (340) monuments were converted to GIS from the NGS, Mass DOT, and NPS-DSC for evaluation as backbone or sentinel site monuments. Of the original 340 potential monuments, sixty-five (65) or 19% were considered valuable as backbone or sentinel sites. This same process was used to also start evaluations on some of the other coastal parks included in this project.

May 2010. CACO. Mike, Heather, Tiffany, Chuck, and Pete went to Cape Cod National Seashore to find monuments that Heather and Mike shortlisted. We checked 53 monuments of which 25 had the potential as a backbone site. During the trip we met with Mark Adams.

June 2010. CACO. Heather and Tiffany processed the CACO info sheets. Heather transferred all the hand written field notes into MSWord. Tiffany combined all data into an Excel worksheet to create a working database. Heather and Mike are working on shortlists for the next park visit. Heather hyperlinked all photos in the CACO database and Tiffany created a point feature class containing all the attributes of the monuments.

June 16 2010. CACO. Mike organized a meeting for the team (including Pete, Chuck, Heather, and Tiffany) to make decisions about which monuments found during the CACO trip would be the most useful as the backbone for the park. Eight current monuments were chosen and two new sites were proposed. The evaluation was based on coverage of the national seashore, spacing throughout the entire park, and the environmental conditions of the site. Five kilometer circles were used to determine how much of the park the monument would be able to support.'

June 24 2010. At the staff meeting Tiffany presented this website to receive feedback from her peers. Suggestions were received and applied.

July 8 2010. ACAD. There was a team meeting (including Chuck, Pete, Mike, Roland, Heather, and Tiffany) to determine the backbone sites for Acadia. Using the candidate sentinel site list from Karen Anderson of Acadia National Park, coverage for the park was determined with the five kilometer circles. Also, the information for new monument installation had been consolidated and was presented to the team.

July 12-16 2010. Tiffany created shapefiles of National Park monument points from excel tables. The parks included are ASIS, COLO, FIIS, and GATE. A set of MADOT points for BOHA were also turned into a shapefile. BOHA, COLO, and GATE have since been transferred to Heather who will do the preliminary assessment of the value of each point. Metadata for CACO data is in progress.

July 19 2010. Angelica Murdukhayeva joined the team.

August 24-27 2010. ACAD. Mike, Heather, Tiffany, and Angelica went to Acadia National Park to find monuments that Heather shortlisted. We checked _ monuments of which _ had the potential as a backbone site. During the trip we met with Karen Anderson.

August 30 2010. ACAD. Heather and Tiffany processed the info sheets gathered during the trip to Acadia. Tiffany began transferring the information to the Acadia Database.

August 31 1010. ACAD. Tiffany transferred the Acadia Database to Angelica.

January 18-21 2011. ASIS. Mike, Heather and Angelica went to Assateague Island National Seashore to find monuments that Heather shortlisted. We met with Neil Winn and surveyed some of the park’s newly installed monuments.

June 2011. CACO. Mike, Alex Pivarnik (distinguished intern), and Chuck installed two rods and thre brass disk monuments around the Cape.

July 6-7 2011. FIIS. Heather, Angelica and Alex went to Fire Island National Seashore to search for US Army Corps of Engineers and NGS monumentation.

End of July, 2011. ACAD Mike and Alex install six brass disks in bedrock around Acadia.

August, 2011. GATE. Mike, Angelica, and Heather go monument hunting at Sandy Hook, Staten Island, and Jamaica Bay. Three new monuments are installed. One steel rod at the Visitors Center in Jamaica Bay, a brass disk at Floyd Bennet Field, and a brass disk at Miller Field.

September, 2011. Survey Reggae Party at CACO. Neil Winn, Jim Lynch, Mark Adams, and Mike all bring their GPS recievers to the Cape for a Height Modernization Party. Ten monuments were surveyed.

February, 2012. Sentinel site surveying at BOHA and CACO.

March, 2012. Installation of monuments at ASIS and GEWA.

June, 2012. Pete and Mike travel to FIIS to install a rod monument at Sailors Haven and search for other historical monuments.

July, 2012. Mike travels to GATE for backbone and sentinel site surveying.

September, 2012. Survey Reggae Party at ACAD.

December, 2012. Steel rod monuments installed at ASIS for tide guage installation.

April 2013. Justice and Mike installed the last scheduled monument at William Floyd Estate, FIIS.

May 2013. Karen Anderson (ACAD) surveys monuments on Thrumcap for shorebird study.

June 2013. Mike and Andrew Neil survey bacbone monuments and sentinel sites at ACAD.

November 2013. Mike, Andrew, and Scott Rasmussen survey backbone monuments and sentinel sites at FIIS with the help of Jordan Raphael.

December 2013. Mike and Andrew survey backbone monuments and sentinel sites at GEWA and COLO.