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Hurricane Sandy: NPS Storm Data


Acquisition, Coordination, Compilation, Data Management and Change Analysis of LiDAR and Other Geospatial Data Collected Pre- and Post-Hurricane Sandy

The goal of this project is to create an emergency preparedness and response system for coastal National Parks that will guide geospatial data acquisition, analysis, and archiving before, during, and after extreme storm events. The system will be based on lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy’s impact on three National Parks in October 2012. 


For more detailed data listings and apps please visit the

 Hurricane Sandy Data Management Home Page 


Reviewed GIS workflows:  (see link for full citation)

Creating useful products from USGS topographic mapsNPS/NCBN/NRR—2015/958. 

Working with elevation data to produce high-quality resultsNPS/NCBN/NRR—2015/959. 

Processing imagery with mosaic datasets to create functional outputs. NPS/NCBN/NRR—2015/960. 


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