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GPS Base Station: Technical Specifications


 Technical Specifications


Trimble 4700 CORS Receiver
12 Channel Dual Frequency
Trimble Choke Ring Antenna
Intel Pentium Workstation


Trimble Reference Station 1.02


Antenna Reference Point (ARP)
(based on new ITRF2000 calculations)
Latitude: 41 29 20.15818 N
Longitude: 71 31 39.77858 W
Datum: WGS-84
Elevation: 45.687 meters (height above ellipsoid)
Computed by NGS using OPUS in April 2002
URIL CORS Coordinates


Logging Parameters
Elevation Mask: 10 degrees
PDOP Mask: 25
Logging Rate: 5 seconds
File Length: 1 hour
Logging Time: 24 hours
File Format: SSF, DAT, RINEX
File Availability: 6 months
Log: URIL CORS Site Log