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  • Converting GeoPDFs to GeoTIFFs Using GDAL

    This blog posting presents an alternative method for transforming USGS Topographic maps from the GeoPDF format into a more GIS-friendly format - the GeoTIFF. Here, we will introduce GDAL, an open-source software program that has been specifically designed for use in reading and writing information to geospatial raster data formats.


ArcGIS Online

  • Tile Layers - keeping credits low

    This workflow uses zero credits when publishing image tiles to ArcGIS Online.  Check it out!

  • How-to: Using our new ArcGIS Online-Hosted Map Services

    Copies of two of our most popular map services are now hosted by ArcGIS Online!  Here's how to get started working with them.

  • Image Hosting Options for Map Tour Application

    The Story Map Tour Application requires your photo to be accessible via the internet.  There are several hosting options - find out more to see which would work best for you.

  • Placing Pictures on a Map

    Your pictures can now have a geographic context of “where.”  To make your slideshow standout from all the others you will need: Pictures accessible via the internet and an account.   With these pieces you can create an application called a Map Tour.  Let’s get started!

  • Editing Shapefiles: ArcGIS Online

    Yes, it is possible to work with shapefiles using ArcGIS Online! Here's how to get started.

  • Where in Rhode Island?

    Thanks to the Environmental Data Center's Rhode Island Digital Atlas project, an increasing amount of RIGIS data can be easily viewed as online maps and you don't need to be a GIS expert either.  

  • If I only had a map

    Get started creating a map to mark your place in the world and Rhode Island.  Getting started with ArcGIS Online viewer.

  • No Server, No Org account - No Problem.

    Your imported shapefiles, .csv files and map notes now have a life outside of your web map.

  • Crowdsourced Data: ArcGIS Online

    ArcGIS Online Map Notes are a great way to collect crowd-sourced information.

  • Sharing: ArcGIS Online for Organizations

    ESRI has made some changes to the ArcGIS Online platform. One is an account name change and another is new account option. The ArcGIS Online personal account is now referred to as a public account. Additionally, a new account option has been created; this is referred to as an organization account. This requires a paid for subscription to ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

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