The Northeast Region proudly carries out the National Park Service's mission in thirteen northeastern states. The Region is composed of complex and varied natural resources, ranging from the rock-bound shores of Maine to the eastern deciduous forests of the Appalachian Mountains, and from the coastal barrier islands to the sub-alpine summits. The region's history is a complex, many faceted canvas painted in the bright hues of glorious events and great courageous people, interwoven with the dark tones of tragedy and inequity.

This region is the most densely-populated area of the United States.  In this highly urbanized and ethnically diverse area, the National Park Service offers experiences to 55 million people at seventy-five park units representing more than 20% of the entire National Park System.  Home to a third of all National Park Service museum collections, a quarter of all historic structures, and almost 50% of the country's National Historic Landmarks, the region clearly reflects an extraordinarily rich American heritage.

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