How ELUs Can Guide Conservation





Who We Are

The technical analyses in deriving and mapping ELUs was done by Kevin Ruddock (TNC), Peter August (URI EDC), Christopher Damon (URI EDC), and Charles LaBash (URI EDC). We thank Mark Anderson (TNC), Mike Bradley (URI EDC), Mark Stolt (URI NRS), and Keith Killingbeck (URI BIO) for their technical assistance.

This project is part of a larger effort by Pam Rubinoff (RI Sea Grant), Donald Robadue (URI CRC), and Amanda Ryan (CRC) to assist coastal communities in adapting to climate change effects. Climate change factors such as increased temperature, sea level rise, and increased precipitation can have implications for land trust properties and conservation goals, such as protecting groundwater and critical habitat. Sea Grant is piloting a project with South Kingstown Land Trust to identify and test tools that incorporate climate change considerations into conservation programs for land acquisition and management.

Joanne Riccitelli and Clarkson Collins of the South Kingstown Land Trust helped develop ELU measures that were relevant to local land trusts and municipal conservation organizations.

James Boyd and Caitlin Chaffee of the RI Coastal Resources Management Council provided helpful guidance of our work.

This project was supported by grants and and support from The Nature Conservancy, NOAA, RI CRMC, RI Sea Grant Program, and the USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act, and the URI Ag Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Program.


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