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What You Will See on the Maps

These maps are comprised of several eelgrass data layers, as well as background reference data such as roads and nautical charts. All available layers are listed below. The eelgrass layers are classified as either Current (created after 1992) or Historical (created before 1992). The current eelgrass layers appear along with major roads, state and town boundaries in the initial view of the map.


Eelgrass Layers

Current URI/NRS Eelgrass Polygons
2000 URI Natural Resources Science polygons of Ningret Pond eelgrass beds

Current URI/GSO Ninigret Pond Eelgrass
2000 URI Graduate School of Oceanography interpolated grid data of Ninigret Pond

Current URI/GSO Quonochontaug Pond Eelgrass
2000 URI Graduate School of Oceanography interpolated grid data of Quonochontaug Pond

Current CRMC Eelgrass Polygons
Current CRMC Eelgrass Points
Current CRMC Eelgrass Lines
Current Block Island Eelgrass Lines
1999-2000 CRMC eelgrass data from GPS field work

Current RIDEM/F&W Eelgrass Points
1999-2000 RIDEM Department of Fish & Wildlife eelgrass points taken from field observations. Not geographically referenced; extents only approximations.

Current NBEP Eelgrass Polygons
Current NBEP Eelgrass Lines
1996 Narragansett Bay Estuary Program polygon and line eelgrass data from 1996 true color aerial photography delineation. Synonymous with RIGIS data.

Historical NBP Eelgrass Polygons
1988 Narragansett Bay Project polygon eelgrass data from 1988 aerial photography delineation.

Historical RIAF Eelgrass Points
Historical RIAF Eelgrass Polygons
1848-1994 Rhode Island Aqua Fund historical eelgrass data collected from personal accounts, herbarium specimans, literature review, or NOAA charts.

Backdrop Layers

Names of Geographic Places
A searchable database of common natural features and places in Rhode Island. Use the "Find" button on the toolbar to enter a search string.

Grid model data based on NOAA charts

State and Town Boundaries

Roads (scale dependent)
Major roads as well as localized ones, when viewed at a large (zoomed in) scale

Salt Water Quality Class
RIDEM water quality classifications

Water Types
CRMC water types

Major rivers, primary streams, ponds

Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Boundary
Includes waters extending to the 18-foot depth contour around Patience Island, the northern half of Prudence Island, portions of the southern half of Prudence Island and Hope Island.

NOAA Nautical Charts (scale dependent)
Scanned 1:24,000 charts