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​Advancing Geospatial Solutions for Environmental Challenges

The Environmental Data Center is the center of technical expertise in GIS for the state of Rhode Island.  The (EDC) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial data analysis laboratory in the University of Rhode Island's Department of Natural Resources Science, College of the Environment and Life Science.  Major areas of research at the EDC are spatial data modeling, ecological mapping, and data integration for environmental applications. 

The mission of the EDC is to support the use of contemporary tools of spatial data processing and electronic dissemination in the analysis and distribution of environmental data. This is achieved through collaborative research with faculty in the Department of Natural Resources Science and projects with agencies external to URI.

EDC Blog

  • Getting Read to Use the Collector App

    The ability to collect geographically referenced information using your smartphone or tablet is an increasingly popular way to quickly and efficiently collect data. This blog posting will focus on the steps necessary to get a web map up and running for use within the Collector app.

  • Alternate Tile layer - TPK directly from ArcMap

    This workflow should be used when imagery to ArcGIS Online (AGO) as a service.  This workflow uses the ArcGIS Runtime Tools to process the image tiles and create the .tpk necessary. 

  • EDC Staff Presents Poster in the 2016 ESRI UC Map Gallery

    Staff from the URI EDC presented a poster highlighting their work on a National Park Service (NPS) project at the 2016 ESRI User Conference in San Diego, California. The map gallery at the ESRI UC is a showcase of maps and mapping products from around the world. 2016 winners of the Map Gallery map competition can be seen here